Eric Bledsoe Will Help The Bucks, But He’s Not The Solution


Jason Kidd is on a different wavelength, but not in the good way. (Keith Allison via Wikimedia Commons)

By: Scott Levine

The Bucks are currently 9-9, just outside of the playoff picture. While that may seem fine for a team incorporating a new piece, their advanced metrics are more ominous. They are in the bottom half of the league in both offensive rating and defensive rating. Per Cleaning The Glass, their net rating is -3.8, good for 25th in the league. Based on these marks, they are actually overachieving by reaching .500.

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A Look at Jahlil Okafor’s Last Three Minutes as a Sixer

By: Ethan Giles


He can roll out of bed and get 20 and 10. (Ed via Wikimedia Commons)

The second Jahlil Okafor was selected with the third pick of the 2015 NBA Draft, it was clear he was only going to be in Philadelphia temporarily, as his skill set did not mesh with hopeful franchise cornerstone Joel Embiid.

That temporary stay will max out at three years. He will not return to the team next year thanks to his declined rookie option. He’s currently on the trade block as the team refuses to buy him out, and many people are wondering which team will give up the assets to attain him. To try to find an answer to this question I examined his latest three minutes of game film on Tuesday, November 6 against the Utah Jazz, with the hopes of finding a perfect NBA landing spot for the former Duke big man.

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The Eastern Conference Playoff Snail Race

By: Scott Levine


No team captures this race better than the Magic, who are incredibly flawed, yet exciting. (Michael Tipton via Flickr)

When Paul George, and Jimmy Butler were traded, and Paul Millsap left for Denver, the Eastern Conference grew even weaker. There are now five teams that I watch in the East and feel as though they are a safe bet to make the playoffs: Cleveland, Boston, Washington, Toronto, and Milwaukee. There are eight playoff spots.

The remaining ten teams in the conference all have major questions holding them back from being a shoo-in. It shouldn’t be this interesting to watch a gaggle of mediocre teams fall ass backwards into the playoffs. But so far it has been, partially because a few have exceeded expectations.

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The NBA After Two Weeks

By: Brian Kane


Who else would be the feature photo? (Erik Drost via Wikimedia Commons)

Wow. What a way to start the season. After the most turbulent offseason NBA fans have ever witnessed (maybe … I’m only 24), featuring the most acclaimed draft class since ‘03, stars being traded mercifully (Melo) or demanding greener pastures (Kyrie), and a silent undercurrent of nihilism because, you know, Warriors, the first two weeks have still managed to deliver complete and utter chaos.

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Unpacking Dennis Smith’s NBA Debut

By: Scott Levine

There is speculation that Dennis Smith will do enough boneheaded rookie things for Carlisle to sporadically bench him out of frustration. I think he will start all year. Rick Carlisle is not going to be the same guy who called Darren Collison “a career backup.” He knows what he has in Smith, and is taking a more patient approach to success after enduring his first losing season in Dallas.

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Podcast: Season Preview (Part 1)

Stream it, download it, do whatever you need to do to get some informative and entertaining content in your earholes.

Part two coming soon!

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DeMarcus Cousins May Shoulder the Largest Workload in the League

By: Scott Levine


I call this piece, “Sisyphus in Sneakers”.

When New Orleans traded for DeMarcus Cousins, they signed away their license to small ball. Their offense and defense would now center around two behemoths in Cousins and Anthony Davis.

The team endured a losing streak in late February as it adjusted to playing with the newly acquired Cousins, and packed it in come April once out of the playoff race. But the Pelicans went 10-6 in March and boasted the third best defensive rating in the league.

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Podcast: Kyrie Irving Trade

Recorded 8/23: Scott and Brian discuss their immediate reactions to the trade between the Celtics and Cavs, and discuss what it means for the Celtics next season and onward.

Listen here:

I’ve been trying to get stuff on iTunes but the RSS feed stuff is a little tricky. It will probably take a few days, so I just wanted to get this out here now.

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The NBA Expendables

By: Scott Levine

NBA Expendables .png

They’re the heroes we deserve. (Ersan Ilyasova and Trevor Booker courtesy of Keith Allison via Wikimedia Commons. Marco Belinelli courtesy of chensiyuan via Wikimedia Commons. Expendables movie poster courtesy of Tatiana T via Flickr. Photo editing courtesy of yours truly 😏.)

The salary cap for the 2018-2019 season is expected to be $102 million. It was projected to be $108 million a year ago, when many teams threw irresponsible amounts of money at players such as Timofey Mozgov, Evan Turner, and Joakim Noah.

Due to clogged cap sheets around the league, the 2018 Free Agency market will have less bidders than the average offseason. General Managers, always quick to sniff a market inefficiency, may be willing to pay a premium to get off bad contracts and into the bidding war.

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They Can’t All Be Draymond

By: Scott Levine


Draymond Green. (Ash Carter via Wikimedia Commons)

Caleb Swanigan scored many points and grabbed many rebounds in Summer League. It’s hard to deduce much from this, but many agree he will be able find a role in the NBA because of his shooting ability and toughness. Some are not satisfied with that. Blazers Summer League coach Jim Moran wants to see him become Draymond Green.

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