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Superstar Wars: Episode VII

By: Brian Kane Minor Spoiler Alert for those who haven’t yet watched the cinematic thrill ride that is Star Wars: The Force Awakens yet: this article contains information about newly introduced characters and allusions to plot points. Advertisements

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Ish Smith The Pass-First Point Guard

By: Ethan Giles The man himself. (MavsFan28 via Wikimedia Commons) You know Canaan and McConnell and MCW and Wilbiken, You know Marshall and Pressey and Pappy and Wroten, But do you recall The greatest Sixer Point Guard of all?

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Where Do The Pelicans Go From Here?

By: Scott Levine The New Orleans Pelicans are in a rut right now. They are 9-19 going into their Christmas Day game that not many will watch against the Miami Heat.

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Did The Clippers Get Screwed Over By The Refs Again Last Night?

By: Scott Levine Yes. Yes they did.

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Kelly Olynyk Looks Like A Salamander

By: Brian Kane You know how sometimes, when you engage in a seemingly mundane activity, you’re mind will wonder into places that make you question your sanity? If not, you can stop reading. If this happens to you, please continue … Continue reading

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Any Given Tuesday

By: Jake Mattleman You get up in the morning, head to work. Then after a few meetings and a couple errands you head home, heat up your leftovers and flick that elusive clicker for a little mindless activity. Waiting for … Continue reading

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An Ode To The 2015-2016 Lakers

By: Dan Diez While reading through previous Contested Long Two articles, I came to realize that there was one glaring absence in the demographic of contributors. Other authors have seen their share of contested long twos, but lack serious commitment … Continue reading

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I’m Done Liking Kevin Durant

By: Brian Kane For his first few years in the league, I absolutely adored Kevin Durant. Every kid my age at the time did. He was a new breed of scorer: a 6’9 forward with the handles and lateral quickness … Continue reading

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The Contested Long Twos Podcast Ep. 1 – Looking Through The Glass (Door)

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Assessing the NBA After One Month

By: Ethan Giles

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