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The All-Star Game: Vote With Your Head, Not With Your Twitter

By: Brian Kane The NBA All-Star Game is kind of a joke. Most basketball fans, and even casual observers of the league’s more accessible events like The Finals or All-Star Weekend, know this. For what feels like decades now, the … Continue reading

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The Contested Long Twos Podcast Ep. 2

Hey all you selfish gunners! Scott and Ethan talked some more ball today. They assessed the Hawks situation. They talked about other stuff too, but mostly the Hawks’ situation.

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Mid-Season Awards, Predictions and The Cleveland Uprising

By: Jake Mattleman Hello Contested Longer Two-ers, or whatever you call yourselves! With the midway point of the season passing and All-Star Weekend on the horizon, I figured it’s a good time to take a step back (shoot a jumper … Continue reading

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Hey, Now. Stop Caring About All-Stars. It’s Just An Exhibition That They Play.

By: Ethan Giles Every year, people spend countless hours getting aggravated over who should make the all-star game. They complain that the fans only vote in the popular people and the real good players don’t make it. They then use … Continue reading

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Payne Relief: How The Rookie Can Unlock OKC’s Small-Ball Lineup

By: Scott Levine The Thunder have not played Durant at the 4 with Ibaka at the 5 for much time this season. As Danny Leroux said on the Dunc’d On Podcast with Nate Duncan, they just don’t have two reliable … Continue reading

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A Case for Bringing Dragic Off The Bench

By: Scott Levine Goran Dragic was the major free agent signing for the Heat after Miami gave up two future picks to acquire him last season. However, Dragic is experiencing lows in pretty much every statistical category since his breakout … Continue reading

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What Happened to The Bucks?

By: Scott Levine Less than a year ago, Grantland’s Andrew Sharp wrote an article breaking down whether the Bucks or the Timberwolves had a more exciting future. He chose the Bucks. After he wrote this, Minnesota acquired Towns in the … Continue reading

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Brick Party: New Years Resolutions

By: Contested Long Twos Staff Happy New Year! The Contested Long Twos staff is excited for another year full of basketball, and basketball-themed new years resolutions. Some of the staff decided to share their New Years Resolutions when it comes to … Continue reading

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The Curious Case of Kevin Love: Revisiting the Wiggins Trade

By: Jake Mattleman Flashback to the 2014 offseason. 25-year-old forward Kevin Love had just completed his 6th year in the NBA and established himself as a superstar, averaging a gaudy 26 and 12 with his prime theoretically on the horizon. … Continue reading

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