Contested Long Twos is an NBA blog started by a few current and former Clark University students that tries to cover substantive aspects of the NBA while also not caring about that stuff. The blog started in November 2015 and will try to publish at least one article a week.


Scott Levine is the editor of Contested Long Twos. He has followed the NBA since Ricky Davis was on the Celtics. He started blogging about the NBA in 2013 with his self-indulgently titled blog, NBA Thoughts of Scott. It’s probably somewhere on the internet still. He has been writing about the NBA on and off since then.

Brian Kane is a redhead tall guy, shameless Boston homer, 3-point specialist, casual fashion enthusiast; lover of Thai food, the pick and pop, Bruce Springsteen, and rocky beaches.

Jake Mattleman is a sports enthusiast with 7 years of basketball coaching experience at the high school and college levels. While he currently works in college admissions at his alma mater, he enjoys the outdoors, improv comedy, and hands in passing lanes.

Dan Diez has coached basketball at various levels. He has also played several years of basketball himself and has a mean lefty hook to show for it.

Ethan Giles is a carnivore. He eats meat. It’s true!