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Shootaround: Winning Without All-Stars

What’s up, fellow DeMar DeRozan fan club members? This shootaround stemmed from Dan asking the question, “What’s the best possible team you can make without including any players who have made an All-Star team?” After much thought and a few … Continue reading

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The NBA Is in a Glass Case of Emotion

By: Dan Diez Coming into the 2016-2017 season the Golden State Warriors have set the stage for another season of repetitive clickbait headlines. Going back to the Mark Jackson days, everyone said that jump shooting teams couldn’t win a championship. … Continue reading

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An Ode To The 2015-2016 Lakers

By: Dan Diez While reading through previous Contested Long Two articles, I came to realize that there was one glaring absence in the demographic of contributors. Other authors have seen their share of contested long twos, but lack serious commitment … Continue reading

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