Five Draft Picks I Don’t Know How to Feel About

By: Scott Levine

I make a lot of snap judgments on draft night. I loved when the Sixers picked Jonah Bolden at 36, I hated the TJ Leaf pick at 18 for the Pacers, and so forth. However, there are always a few picks where I kind of just sit there, confused, directionless. I wouldn’t have made the pick, but it also isn’t bad. If I was Chad Ford and did draft grades, I’d give all these picks a B, or a B-, or a B/B- like a total cop out.

Josh Jackson, #4, Phoenix Suns

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Tomorrow is the draft. Part 1 covers 1-14, and it was before the Philly/Boston trade, so ignore the first three or four picks. K thanks!

Part two was before the Nets gave 27 to the Lakers, but who cares?


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4 Win Now Moves for The Celtics That Don’t Involve Jimmy Butler, Paul George, or Nets Picks

By: Scott Levine and Brian Kane


Yup. (Keith Allison via Flickr)

As Celtics fans, we’re hoping something big happens this trade deadline. But, when something  invariably does not, these trades are in play. Let’s all have our hopes deflated together and look forward to one of these “blockbusters” instead of refreshing Paul George rumors on Twitter every twenty minutes or so.

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Where Paul Millsap Should Go If He Cares About My Happiness

By: Brian Kane


Pretty much every team could use the services of Millsap, a stretch four who fits with any scheme imaginable. (Keith Allison via Flickr)

The first tremor of NBA Trade Deadline season hit yesterday when Atlanta Hawks power forward Paul Millsap announced he plans to opt out of his contract after the season to explore free agency. This prompted the Hawks to announce that they would be fielding trade offers for Millsap, and my brother to text me frantically about the possibility of an Atlanta big man reunion in Boston.

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Shootaround: Most Poorly Constructed Team


Did you expect such a negative article to not include the Sacramento Kings? (Mike via Wikimedia Commons)

The NBA Trade Deadline is February 23 at 12 p.m. Now begins the slow burn of NBA trade discussion. In order to best figure out which teams need to make trades, we started by debating who has the most poorly constructed roster in the league. Some of these teams should look to make a deal before the deadline … others are too far gone for it to matter.

Orlando Magic: What had happened was…

Jake Mattleman: Oh boy, where do we start with the Orlando Magic? Famous singer Aaliyah once said “If at first you don’t succeed, get yourself up and try again,” and this team has been trying and trying again every since they traded Dwight Howard.

After struggling under Jacque Vaughn and Scott Skiles, the Magic seemed to find a coaching answer in Frank Vogel: an established, even-keeled, and successful coach. Great! However, they proceeded to make a series of egregious, paradoxical personnel moves to ensure that they wouldn’t succeed for years to come. So congratulations, Magic. You’ve won the award for the worst constructed NBA team on the 2016-17 season.

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The Jaylen Brown Experience

By: Brian Kane

As I sat down to illegally stream the Celtics’ first game of the season, I elected to focus most of my attention on the play of first round draft pick, Jaylen Brown. The game was against the purportedly bad Brooklyn Nets, so I figured monitoring Brown would be worthwhile; Boston should’ve wiped the floor with them and compiled some fun garbage time minutes for Brown and some other lively bench dwellers, after all. That’s not quite what happened, as they squeaked a 124-122 overtime victory, but luckily  Brown got minutes all the same. What I saw was at once exhilarating and disheartening.

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Shootaround: Winning Without All-Stars


He’s not technically an All-Star yet. Leave us alone. (Keith Allison via Wikimedia Commons)

What’s up, fellow DeMar DeRozan fan club members? This shootaround stemmed from Dan asking the question, “What’s the best possible team you can make without including any players who have made an All-Star team?” After much thought and a few volatile Facebook chats, we came up with our squads. Let us know which team you’d bet on. We’re all very eager to have people side with our particular team.

Dan Diez

PG – Kemba Walker

SG – Avery Bradley

SF – Giannis Antetokounmpo

PF – Karl-Anthony Towns

C – Myles Turner

Sixth Man – Bradley Beal

The two no brainers for me are Giannis (whose last name I refuse to try to spell) and Karl-Anthony Towns, who are all but guaranteed all-star spots this season.  

In filling out a team around them, there are going to be some snubs from the best players left in the lot. I like what Thibs has done by pairing KAT with a five, so I will keep him as a four.  

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Brian and Scott are Thankful

Brian Kane – Thanksgiving 2016, 8pm. I’ve gained 20 pounds in about 4 hours. The tryptophan has consumed me. I’m overcome by the lethargy. Cartoon empty dinner plates dance in a circle above my head. It’s times like these I’m thankful the Contested Long Two crew can throw together a good old-fashioned shootaround to shake off the turkey-induced rust. Fair warning: I’ll be playing matador defense and only shooting contested elbow jumpers Paul Pierce style. Here are a few other things the basketball world has blessed me with this year, that I am very thankful for:

Celtics Newbies

The Rook Jaylen Brown is playing meaningful minutes in big games and putting up efficient numbers early in his first campaign. Brown’s per-36 stat line looks like it belongs under the name of an established vet. He’s an astounding +52 in the 4th quarter so far, and while that represents a small sample size, I’m thankful a rookie is playing 4th quarter minutes for us at all.

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Luke Walton: Head Coach

By: Jake Mattleman

Pistons, Bucks, Pacers, Blazers, Wizards, Heat, Timberwolves, Pelicans…what do all these teams all have in common? Answer: They’re trailing the Los Angeles Lakers in the standings. While this group might not features the league’s top talent, each were projected for higher win totals than the Lakers, and some acquired impact players in free agency. Perhaps we’re learning that the biggest free agent acquisition not named Kevin Durant was coach Luke Walton.

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The NBA Is in a Glass Case of Emotion

By: Dan Diez

Coming into the 2016-2017 season the Golden State Warriors have set the stage for another season of repetitive clickbait headlines. Going back to the Mark Jackson days, everyone said that jump shooting teams couldn’t win a championship. 16 playoff wins later, and this happened:


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